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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How long does it take to tint my car ?

A - Generaly, an average sized vehicle can take anywhere between 1 & 2 hours. Sometimes, when old window tinting is already applied, it may take several hours to remove the window tint.

Q - How long do I have to wait before I can wind down my newly tinted windows?

A - It takes about 48 hours for the window tint to dry completely, and we recommend that you don't clean or rub the inside of the window for about a week until it is completely dry.

Q - How do I clean my tinted windows?

A - We recommend that you don't clean the tinted windows with any chemicals. Just use soapy water, wiping it dry with a clean cloth.

Q - Why do some cars window tinting have bubbles?

A - Sometimes cars are fitted with plastic or dyed film, these types of film don't last as long, which will bubble and blister after time. Tint Me Up only install high quality metalised film which doesn't blister or bubble.

Q - Will the window tint go to the edges of my windows?

A - With most vehicles, the film will go all the way to the edges. In rare circumstances, we are unable to tint all the way to the edge of the window.

Q - Can I get a discount when tinting multiple cars?

A - Most certainly, please ask our friendly staff & they will be happy to help.

Q - Will you match quotes from other window tinting companies?

A - This shouldn't be a problem, but please bring in a copy of your quote from the other company.

If you have any other questions that you would like us to answer, please phone Tint Me Up on 02 4627 9609 or email us at sales@tintmeup.com.au